Training, Racing, and Coaching

All my training and racing dating back to March 2009 can still be found on my Strava page: You will notice that my Strava page is pretty blank recently.  Thats because I have been dealing with a knee issue from a fall a few years ago (more on that in a blog post here)

My ultra race results can be found here: Ultrasignup and much of my road race results here


Philosophy:  Use scientific principles in combination with the art of coaching to get the best out of you.  I want to coach myself to be obsolete.  Rather than give you workouts to build fitness, I want to teach you how to use workouts to build fitness.  Also I provide accountability.   

With a B.S. in Exercise Biology and a PhD in Medical Physiology I have the scientific background to write a training plan that is based on scientific principles not popular fads.  There is an art in applying the scientific principles established in the lab and that is where I rely on my experience as a runner, athlete, and coach.  I’ve raced short cross country races, track races, road races, marathons, and trail ultras.  I’ve had many different coaches and exposed to many different training approaches.  I’ve coached middle school cross country, first time marathoners, and elite level trail and ultra runners.  But always my approach is driven by scientific principles to develop a personalized training plan which is highly dependent on an athlete’s individual goals.

Every run must have a purpose.  Sometimes that purpose is to train a specific energy system, other times its to recover, and occasionally its just a run to have fun on.  Your coach should be able to tell you the purpose of every run.  I use a combination of interval workouts, long runs, and recovery days to periodize your training stimulus.  I seldom repeat the exact workout week to week and instead use variation in the types of workouts you will do to provide novel physiological stimuli that your body must constantly adjust to.  This allows for a more psychologically enjoyable and physiologically challenging training plan.

General Training Plans ($150/month)

What is included in a general training plan:

  • One on one goal setting and planning session for short term and long term goals
  • Weekly training plan which includes 2-3 focused workouts/week
  • Information on the rationale for workouts
  • Race planning and preparation
  • Feedback on training on a weekly basis
  • Advise on cross training and strength work to supplement your running
  • Online and phone contact (pretty much unlimited)
  • General and race specific nutrition advice
  • Transitioning from road running to trail running, from marathon to ultras

Contact me directly at mjlaye (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested or check out my Training Peaks page, the platform I use to analysis and communicate workouts with my athletes.  Alternatively, if you would like me to provide you with some basic thoughts feel free to complete this Google Form so I can get a better idea of what you are looking for in a coach.  I work with a limited number of athletes at the current time only have space for 1-2 more.

I also have a limited number of pre-made Training Peaks marathon plans for intermediate and advanced runners.  These are great if you need some accountability but are not interested in the full on coaching experience and communication that comes with it.  Check those out here.



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