I swear I will get to some numbers and thoughts about how this diet is working for me, but first I want to briefly mention something near and dear to my heart.  Nuance.

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Fat or Fiction??

As an exercise physiologist I am always interested in evidence-based methods to improve my performance.  However, many of the scientific principles that shape our day to day approaches to training are years behind the current thinking or simply wrong due to scientific dogma inertia.  But its not the fault of scientists, entirely (I swear!!!).   A rigorous controlled exercise study in humans requires a lot of resources.  If the National Institutes of Health has the choice of funding a clinical study examining whether a given intervention improves exercise performance or whether an alternative intervention improve outcomes for patients with a severe disease the decision is obvious, and rightly so.  Even when there are the resources to do exercise studies its immensely difficult.  Noncompliant subjects, inherent inter-subject variability, expensive scientific equipment and small effects on performance (<5%) that are difficult to detect.  Ok, rant over.  Thats why I’ve decided to conduct my own n=1 experiment on myself based on less than gold standard level of existing evidence.

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