Science of Ultrarunning Column for UltraRunning Mag


I’ve been quite on the blog front.  It’s not because I don’t have ideas to write about, I just lack the time.  Teaching has been busy.  Getting some research up and running has been busy.  Trying to get back in shape has been keeping me busy.

When I do have the time to write I have focused on my column for UltraRunning Magazine, called the Science of Ultrarunning which debuted in the January issue and can be read for free here.  However, to check out my latest article “Going Mental” in order to up your psychological training you will need to pick up a print version.

About the same time that I agreed to start writing the column I found out that another Professor in Idaho was also interested in bringing sports science to the ultra community.  Science of Ultra Podcast by Dr. Shawn Bearden is an excellent resource for any looking to see how scientific research can be put into practice.  His guests are second to none in the scientific community, really the best of the best when it comes to the field they are discussing.  A few of my favorites thus far have been Psychological Fatigue with Dr. Marcora and Alistar McCormick (which lines up nicely with my article in UltraRunning Magazine), Hydration Physiology withDr. Sam Cheuvront and Dr. Robert Kenefick, and Fatigue with Dr. Joyner.

With all of these different sources coming together now more than ever is the time to learn about how to use both existing and new science to optimize your ultra performances. So read, listen, and learn to perform.