TBT: My First 50k

From time to time I want to write about prior races that I have participated in.  Most will be from memory, which should be entertaining.  This one is not.  Neither entertaining nor from memory, its actually an old blog post from an old blog.  Much more of a race summary than a race experience.  Hope it does not scare people off from reading this blog in the future and feel free to stop reading this post halfway through.  

Still sported the ultra-goat back in the day.

Still sported the ultra-goat back in the day.

Well what better way to start off this blog about my training by talking about my first 50K race. This race, the Psycho Wyco 50K, takes place at Wynadotte Lake in Kansas City, Kansas. There is also a 5K, 10 miler, and 20 miler race. Each loop is 10.35 measured by Garmin.

So I arrived in KC on friday night and headed straight to Boulevard Brewery where Eric and Kaitlyn were celebrating a employee party on the third floor of the beautiful new Boulevard building. I indulged in a Lunar Ale and then Eric and I headed back to Kaitlyns for some shut-eye. In the morning, after a quick stop at Starbucks, we arrived at the Lake to an amazing number of cars. I picked up my packet and really tried to organize my gear at the drop area so when I can through on each of the three loops I could easily grab what I thought I needed.

After an anti-climatic ready set go we were off and I was in quickly in the second pack. On the first loop I just tried to stay as relaxed as possible without exerting too much energy. The trail was in pretty good condition, snow packed, mud minimal. 2500 ft occurs on each loop so I made sure to take those hills pretty easy. A group of 4 was ahead of me but I was confident that they were running the 10miler and maybe the 20 miler. As I suspected I came through the first loop and was the first person to advance on to the second
loop. Eric handed me a couple of granola bars and we were off after an 85 minute loop.
On the second loop it was really nice having someone to chat with and run with. The trail was considerable worse, with mud accumulating very quickly. I felt that we picked it up again, but I felt exactly the same and almost a little better then I did 40 minutes into the race. We rolled that second loop in 84 minutes and I had a vision of a wonderful negative split, powering through the last loop.

I started pushing at the beginning of the third loop as Eric joined me for the first 15 minutes. Even though the single track section was even more muddy than the previous two loops I came out of it 2 minutes faster than before and was thinking how I had less than an hour to go. I continued to push, but the mud was getting to me. I had to slow down more and use more stabilizer muscles. The second half of the loop was hell. All the muddy sections on the first two loops were bogs and the snow on the first two loops were mud.

I didn’t feel like I was slowing but when I got to the last aid station I was 3 minutes slower than the previous two loops and the muddiest hilliest section still to come. I just pushed through and only had thoughts of breaking the course record rather than an impossible negative split.

Crossing the line I was just under 4 hours and 20 minutes, breaking the course record by 20 minutes. I ended up ahead of second place by 39 minutes. Caked with mud, I chatted with some of the race organizers and members of the Kansas City Trail Nerds. They seem like a great group of people who have a lot of fun with their running, while promoting trail formation and maintenance in the KC area. I ended up with a free shirt and a couple of free hats bearing the club’s name, as well as the winners prize, a $50 gift certificate to
Gary Gibbles Running store.


Eric and I headed back to KC where he showered at Kaitlyn’s and I did not for fear of clogging her shower with mud. We headed to Boulevard (again) grabbed some tasty Mexican food on the way and then drank a couple of beers in the tasting room. Thanks again Kaitlyn.

Overall I had a wonderful time in my first 50K. The conditions were tough and although I wish I had run faster considering the conditions and the fact that I never walked it was a success. Special thanks to Eric for hanging out and waiting for me to finish and running that second loop with me.

Some photos can be found at SeeKCRun

Action photos


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